As the headline indicates, this post will be about some of the things, that is important to note about Traffic Signs. According to WHO one of the main contributor to increased Road Safety is Road infrastructure. One part of the Road infrastructure is of course Road Traffic Signs, which is very important not neglect during the process of building a road. Here are some points why:

1. Visibility
Any Traffic Sign according to specifications needs to be reflective. This ensures that the sign is visible in the night, and thereby informs the driver about a given event. There are many types of reflective material, most important though is the quality and the proof of Quality. Africa Road Furniture Ltd. uses as a standard a Engineering grade reflective which is approved conforming to ASTM D4956, which is according to specifications all around the world. Many scam products are available in the market, so make sure to get the proof of the product.


2. Durability
The reflective sheeting on a Traffic sign needs to be durable for a minimum of 7 years, or a minimum of 10 years depending on where the sign is to be installed. For the other items; Pole, plate and fittings the main issue for a durable sign is the galvanization or the aluminum, however typically these products if bought from a reliable supplier will last up to 20 years. Africa Road Furniture Ltd. makes sure that we always build strong relationship with out suppliers of these items, as well as we do regularly test and consultation with experts.


3. Follow Artwork specifications
The third and last point is to follow artwork specifications. There is different artwork specifications depending on where the Traffic sign are to be installed. On Roads with higher speed, the artwork and thus the sign needs to be larger. This will make the text larger, and as well the border of the sign larger. Africa Road Furniture Ltd. are always on top on the current legislation, and together with our many years of experience, we will always supply a Traffic sign conforming to current international standards.



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