Safety Signs and Screen Printing Services

With many years of experience we are the most reliable manufacturer and supplier of Safety Signs in East and Central Africa. Choose from the standard materials and sizes or contact us for other requests;


  • 1mm Plastic (ABS)
  • 4mm Composite (Reincorfed plastic)


  • Ordinary sticker: Plain ordinary sticker in various colors
  • Reflective sticker: Engineering grade conforming to ASTM D 4956
  • Photoluminous sticker: Self glowing sticker to light in the dark


  • 225x300mm
  • 450x150mm
  • 150x150mm
  • 500x500mm
  • 150x400mm
  • 200x400mm
Safety Signs

Examples of Prohibitory Signs

  • No smoking
  • No mobile phone


Usage: Prohibatory signs are used in places to inform people that a certain action is not allowed.

Safety Signs

Examples of Mandatory Signs

  • Wear goggles
  • Wear overall
  • Wear safety shoes


Usage: Mandatory signs are put in places to inform staff members or visitors that a particular safety item is mandatory.

Safety Signs

Examples of Warning Safety Signs

  • High voltage


Usage: Warning signs is put in place to warn people about a possible danger.

Safety Signs

Examples of Fire Safety and Information Signs

  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Exit
  • Assembly point
  • Emergency exit
  • Fire hose


Usage: Used to guide and provide information about what to do in case of Fire.

Screen Printing services

Screen Printing is a technique of printing an artwork onto an item. We are able to screen print on various types of materials including:

  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Metals
  • Clothes
  • and many others

Screen printing ensures a better quality than Digital printing.

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